Furniture & Kitchen Refinishing Services For Your Lower Mainland Home
Before you start throwing away your dated dresser or old kitchen table, you should consider having them refinished.
A professional carpenter can have your furniture restored and renewed in as little as a couple of hours. Refinishing furniture is a much more economical option than purchasing new items. Why throw out or get rid of a sturdy piece of furniture just because it’s in need of a facelift?
If you have a piece of furniture that is relatively new and just needs some enhancing or cleaning then cleaning the surface with mineral spirits or oil soap may be all that’s needed to freshen it up.
Our Pacific Design Furniture refinishing experts can revive unpainted wood furniture with furniture polish, get rid of any nicks and use a grain filler stick that match the color of the wood. However, some instances call for a little more work. When minor furniture touchups won’t do or you want to change the appearance of a piece of furniture or cabinet, our professionals can strip and refinish or paint the furnishing to be exactly the way you want it.

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